Pagach Sale
St. George's Church - Taylor, PA
Old Fashioned 
Lovingly Home Made 
Pagach or Pagachi or Pagache

Pagach (or Pagachi) is an Eastern European food. Some will say it is Slovak, others Ukrainian...yet others Rusyn...some even Russian or Polish. Pagach is  "similar to pizza" and is sometimes called "(fill in your chosen ethnicity here)" Pizza.

As is often the case, it originated based on simple ingredients available to these people. Their creative cuisine is based on making dishes with what they had, which often was not much.

Pagach can be a casual snack or informal meal food. It is served warm or cold...sometimes with sour cream or butter or...whatever is available. It also works well at a buffet meal since it is usually sliced like pizza. Our Pagachi is made with care and love using various fillings. 

Pagach is sometimes available during the year as our kitchen babas have time from their other cooking and baking demand. Inquire. 

Potato-Cheese or Sweet Cabbage
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