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Pirohi - Perogi - Pierogie

Pirohi are baked or fried, stuffed dumplings of Easter European origin and cuisine. They are based on simple ingredients available to peasant cultures in that part of the world. Dough, potatoes, sauerkraut, prune/plum, cheeses are integral to this now simple but tasty 'delicacy'. They immigrated here with the people and have remained popular. They are now produced commercially by many companies and sold in supermarkets.

Perogi can be a casual snack, a side dish, or full meal food. They are usually fried with onions and butter or oil, and served warm. Some cooks will serve a sour cream or applesauce side garnish, depending on the stuffing and their taste. They are also popular for buffet meals since they keep  well in a warming dish or oven.

Our Perogies are made and pinched by hand and with loving care and tradition. We offer various fillings. Try mixing a few different types in a meal. Combine with kielbasa and/or add your favorite vegetables such as cauliflower, peppers, garlic, or broccoli. 

Potato-Cheese Jalapeno
Saurkraut - Sweet Cabbage
(Note: Not all types are available every sale. Please Inquire)

** $6.00 a dozen ** 
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