Our Ethnic Foods
Offered at different times of the year
Check back again at our Home Page to see if any sales are in progress
St. George's Church - Taylor, PA
Pirohi - Pierogi - Perogi
Sweet Cabbage
** Sold by the dozen frozen **

Pagachi - Pagach
Potato & Cheese
Sweet Cabbage

Kolachi - Pastry Rolls

Braided Kolachi - Pastry Rolls
Apricot and Cream Cheese
Raspberry and Cream Cheese
Pineapple and Cream Cheese

Home Made Pascha Bread - 8"
With Raisins 
Add for Decorative Cross

Home Made Halushki, Potato Pancakes, Clam Chowder
Available during special sales. Please check bulletin or web site for dates

Call (570) 562-2090 or 562-1170 for information or to order

All foods offered at different times of the year, usually near Christmas and Easter seasons, but NOT year round. While all the items above are sometimes available, what we have or offer at different sales will vary. Also check for our Ethnic Food Festivals and dinners, offered throughout the year. 

Please check our web site to see if we are cooking now and for upcoming sales.